22 April 2020
Printed Flyer Market Takes 30% Hit
May permanently stop printed flyers
May permanently stop printed flyers
 A number of major retailers have stopped or cut back on printed flyers. Canadian Tire has temporarily paused, Walnart Canada suspended flyers for two weeks, Loblaws has stopped in-store flyers on the possibility that they may help spread the virus. Flyer printing is down by 30% to 40% since Covid-19 hit. The big question is how much of the printed flyer market will return after pandemic is over. The community newspapers have become heavily dependent on flyer distribution revenue. 
No longer printing flyers
No longer printing flyers
  Loblaws has said they will not be resuming printed flyers for a lot of their brands, No Frills , Superstores and Maxi. They have indicated that Loblaws and Shoppers Drug Mart may discontinue weekly printed flyers all together. The major printer of high volume retail flyers is Transcontinental. At one time Transcontinental printed almost 25 million flyers a week for the Loblaws brands. They print retail flyers in plants in Halifax, Montreal, Vaughn, Owen Sound, Calgary and Vancouver. 
2. Concerned Citizen says:
23 April 2020 at 9:50 AM
Has anyone thought of the impact this will have on the elderly, rural areas with little to no internet, disabled, and low income families. These folks depend on the printed flyer. The economic impact to the industry and all those employed by it will have dire concequences for many families. Corpoarate greed is taking advantage of a unfortunate situation to justify in the name of safety an opportunity to cut costs and ad to thier bottom line.
1. Former T.c. Employee says:
22 April 2020 at 10:26 PM
I feel for all the current T.C. now on a temp lay off........sorry to tell them it will be permantant. All the other employee's of many companies ...currently in the same boat ....Print will not bounce back quickly if at all.
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