6 July 2010
Lowe-Martin Group gets kudos for reducing environmental footprint
OTTAWA—The Lowe-Martin Group was recently presented with a $25,000 incentive cheque from Hydro Ottawa for its participation in the Electricity Retrofit Incentive Program.

The team at Lowe-Martin accepting the cheque from Hydro Ottawa

The Electricity Retrofit Incentive Program, headed by Hydro Ottawa in cooperation with the Ontario Power Authority, is a provincial rebate program that provides financial incentives to influence its customers to undertake projects to improve both the energy efficiency of its facilities and bottom line.

During a private tour of The Lowe-Martin Group facility, president and CEO Ward Griffin showcased the ERIP upgrades and explained the various ways the company has achieved a balance between ecology and economy. Among the energy use programs instituted at Lowe-Martin, the T5 lighting retrofit in the production facility will deliver energy savings of more than 370,000 kilo-watt hours per year and, and it has a 66% longer lamp life than the previously installed system.

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