19 May 2021
Ward Walter of Cliff & Walters Passes Away
Bud (L) and Cliff Walters ®
Bud (L) and Cliff Walters ®
Ward Walters came from a printing family, his father Charles Walters was a Press operator at Rolf Clarke Stone which is how he was introduced to the industry. Wards older brother Wilfred (Bud Walters) owned a company by the name of Toronto Litho where Ward first worked. Ward opened Cliff and Walters Lithographing Company in 1966.  Bob Cliff was the sales arm of the company and left a few years after the company opened. Ward kept it going until 1978 when the recession hit. Cliff and
Cliff & Walters was a high end printers in Toronto in the 60's and 70's
Cliff & Walters was a high end printers in Toronto in the 60's and 70's
Walters Lithographing was well known for beautiful reproductions of original art and printed many posters, calendars and hasty notes for galleries such as the Mc Michael gallery in Kleinberg. The originals of the Group of Seven paintings where often brought to Cliff and Walters for press approvals.  Cliff and Walters also did many art books for the AGO. Ward had an amazing eye for colour and was able to match colour on press at approvals quickly and accurately where he earned client trust and loyalty. Cliff and Walters Lithographing became one of the top printers in Toronto for many years until it closed its doors in ’78.
2. Peter Nitchos says:
27 May 2021 at 12:22 AM
Sad to hear of Wards passing and pass my personal regards to his family One door closes and one door opens is the saying and how true it is Out of Cliff and Walters under the leader ship of Dave Lake a few group of employees of which I was one joined a small printing company called Matthew’s Ingram & Lake and the rest is history Within a few years it was recognized as one of the top lithographers in Canada The company attracted some of the top people in the industry and clients were only to happy to print our facility We offered attention to detail and unparalleled customer service We attracted all the top designers and add agencies in the city The company grew and grew and eventually was purchased by Bell Canada and in than shortly flipped to the worlds largest print company in the world Quebecor who referred to us as their jewel Many years later Quebecor changes their focus to media and sold off their print assets and MIL was sold to a financial group only to run into issues with people not understanding the basics of what we we do and how we do it At the end of day Mil had around 200 people out of work and after some conversations with RR Donelley it was resurrected and continues to service the market as MIl RRD Terry Slater ran production at Cliff and Walters for many years before joining MIl The founding members Gay Matthew’s Bill Matthew’s Dave Lake and Terry Slater have all passed on to the print shop in heaven and many of us learned our craft and trade at Cliff and Walters and forever will be grateful
1. Murray Bailey says:
23 May 2021 at 2:58 AM
I worked at Cliff & Walters till March of 82 and it was a few years after that were still in business.
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