31 March 2021
Canada Post Sends Out 13.5 million Free Post Cards
Free post card postage
Free post card postage
As Canadians continue to keep socially distant to fight the spread of COVID, a physical touch can matter now more than ever. A simple paper expression of love, appreciation or thanks can make someone's day. Which is why Canada Post is sending every household a free postage-paid postcard that can be used to mail a personalized message for free to anyone in the country. No stamps needed! Households will receive one of six unique designs they can use to reach out and send a message to someone who is dear, if not near.
Canada Post markets against Covid-19
Canada Post markets against Covid-19
 It takes just a few minutes to personalize it and drop it in the mail – and will mean so much to the recipient, especially now. Approximately 13.5 million postcards began arriving in mailboxes in early March. This extraordinary effort to keep Canadians in touch with each other during digital overload and pandemic challenges is a pillar of the “Write Here Write Now” campaign. The program was launched to encourage Canadians to use letter writing to connect in a heartfelt way.
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