3 March 2020
Manroland Joins Offset Press Price War
manroland is the second largest press manufacture in the world
manroland is the second largest press manufacture in the world
 Tony Langley has instructed the team at Manroland Sheetfed to continue with its “gloves off” sales initiative after the business secured a big jump in incoming orders. Orders on hand have more than doubled after Langley (owner of manroland sheet fed)  gave the business permission to respond in kind to aggressive pricing from competitors.
Langley said that order intake had improved significantly as a result, albeit at lower margins. Manroland Sheetfed will unveil “its latest offering to the market” at Drupa in June .
2. Pressroom Guy says:
5 March 2020 at 2:52 PM
Yes as I said in the 90's but they are a fraction of the company they once were. First when they were number 2 they had both web and sheetfed. Today they are own by 2 completely different company so that alone made a huge impact. They were once a leader in web but are now together with there once largest rival Goss. Today there sheetfed stands alone owned by Langley and would probably be number fallen to #5 of the sheetfed builders list.
 Editor : We have checked it out . Depending on how you rank largest by dollars or units. If by sales than it is #1 Heidelberg, #2 Koeing & Bauer , #3 Komori and who is number 4 gets a little difficult to figure out. Yes you are right manroland is not #2.  All the sheet fed press manufactures are a lot smaller than they use to be. 
1. Pressroom Guy says:
4 March 2020 at 11:14 AM
I really dont think manroland is anywhere close to number 2 in the world anymore. Maybe in the 90's but certainly not today.
Editors note: Manroland Sheet Fed has claimed for a long time to be the world's second largest manufacture of sheet fed offset presses. No one as disputed it. Yes all the offset press manufactures are alot smaller than they were before. 
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