19 February 2020
Supermarket Dropping Printed Flyers
Trying to get rid of printed flyers
Trying to get rid of printed flyers
NO FRILLS the discount division of Loblaws, Canada's largest supermarket chain has said they are dropping their printed flyers and are going digital only. They claim it is for the environment . NO FRILLS prints over 3 million flyers a month in Ontario.  About a year ago Walmart tried getting rid of their printed flyers . After  asignificant hit in sales  and a lot of customer complaints they brought the printed flyers back.
Transcontinental Owen Sound
Transcontinental Owen Sound
 Flyer inserts are also a major source of income for most community papers. The largest printer of inserts or flyers in Canada is TranscontinentalPrinting. They print over $300 million of flyers a year. In Ontario most of the flyers or inserts are printed at the plant in Owen Sound or Vaughan . 
2. Desrochers says:
15 October 2020 at 11:14 AM
no computer access, no flyer, picking on seniors again, get on with it
1. Kathy Milne says:
23 April 2020 at 1:57 PM
bring back the flyers!!!! This is crazy - digital doesn't work.,
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