4 February 2020
The Digital Communications Myth
Even today not everyone is computer savvy or has access to a computer. An integrated marketing strategy that includes both print and on-line components spans preferences and generations and allows all to get the message. 89% of adult Americans believe that “Shifting customers / clients to online-only documents disadvantages some groups, such as the elderly, disabled, low income, and poorly educated.”  81% of parents believe it is “very important” that their child read print books, citing the importance of print’s unique sensory and tactile experience.
Even though it is thought that the current generation of students prefer new technology, nearly all students surveyed expressed a preference for paper, usually saying they felt they performed better when reading on paper rather than a screen.Trusting the news found on digital media has become increasingly difficult as hoaxes and misleading information pop up on the internet and then are shared on social media.
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