11 December 2019
Trade Secrets Has Filed Notice Under The Bankruptcy & Insolvency Act.
Trade Secret's Plant  South West Toronto
Trade Secret's Plant South West Toronto
 Trade Secret Web Printing Inc. has  filed a notice of intention to make a Proposal to Creditors under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act. The Notice was filed by their Trustee on November 22nd . Over 70 creditors claim debts owing of over $11 million. One of the principals is listed for almost $3 million. The CRA is down for about $1.25 million. Trade Secrets has 30 days from date of notice to make a proposal to creditors. A majority of creditors attending the meeting and creditors representing
two thirds of the debt have to agree to the proposal. Related creditors are not allowed to vote. Trade Secrets has both sheet fed and heat set web equipment. Trade Secrets was not available for comment.  A string of web printers in Ontario have either  closed or been sold in recent years. Including Web Offset, Ricter Web, Commercial Print-craft, Dollco Printing sale and Transcontinental's closure of the Brampton web plant. 
5. Dwight says:
17 December 2019 at 5:00 AM
Poor management, too bad however, some good people worked there
4. Ryan says:
12 December 2019 at 6:20 PM
Why wasn’t my previous comment posted. We were not officially contacted to comment on this. Should be an open forum no? Ryanb@tsprinting.ca

Editor's Note. We contacted Dave ( Bashier) and he refused to coment. He aslo hung up on us. We asume that was a no comment. 
3. Ryan says:
12 December 2019 at 1:28 PM
We all know printing is hurting bad. We’ve eliminated a lot of jobs that weren’t profitable and are now in a sweet spot where our labour rate is under 20%. We are ending the year strong, overall sales down about 1/3 with 1/2 the production force. We will come out of this stronger than before. Things were done to protect the families of 60+ employees that are here to help us get through this. Maybe we can call this the comment that apparently Trade Secret wasn’t available to make. If you know me and have questions feel free to reach out. Find me any mid size printer who isn’t a few lost contracts or a bad issue with a supplier who wouldn’t come to the table leaving us holding the bag away from this same process. Those that love us really have shown their support. “Those that mind, don’t matter, but those that matter, don’t mind”
2. Still Their Customer says:
12 December 2019 at 12:38 PM
I was in the plant this morning, cleaner than ever, machines running, lots of paper on the floor. Looks like their key suppliers are supporting them through this. It was business as usual for me in there today, my book looks great and it was a day early. I dont think they are going anywhere, nor am I.
1. Miguel says:
12 December 2019 at 9:40 AM
It's not Dellco, It's Dollco Printing. On a side note, it's quite sad to see the downward trend of web printing.
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Joe says:
Too bad he stiffed lots of suppliers when he bankrupted Harmony. Ruined his reputation......
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