12 November 2019
DocuSign Spreads False Information About Printing
False claims by DocuSign
False claims by DocuSign
Earlier in 2019, DocuSign, an electronic signature company, launched an email campaign that led to the most complaints ever received by Two Sides since our anti-greenwash campaign launched in early 2012.  At issue were DocuSign claims about the company’s services being “naturally forest-friendly” and that “going digital will have you seeing green.” After several attempts to reach the company, Two Sides still have not received a response or any evidence to substantiate these claims which send a misleading message about print and paper.What are the facts?
Consider the following information and links about paper, the forest industry, and a switch to digital-only communication
1. In North America, paper production is not a cause of deforestation
2. Going paperless does not save trees or forests in North America
3. Going digital also has environmental impacts
4. Green claims need to be backed by specific evidence and studies
5. The majority of consumers consider responsibly produced paper a sustainable way to communicate
Two Sides continues to provide fact-based information about paper and printing to encourage companies like DocuSign to send the right message about sustainability. 
You can contact Two Sides  at info@twosidesna.org for a ready-made template to use
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