3 September 2019
Multi Bookbinding Installs a Smyth AsterPRO 44 Sewing machine
Smyth AsterPro 44 Sewing Machine . The newest in North America
Smyth AsterPro 44 Sewing Machine . The newest in North America
Multi Bookbinding just completed the installation and training of a brand-new Smyth Sewing machine AsterPRO 44 from Meccanotecnica. With the addition of a third production line with all the cutting-edge technologies for automatic book sewing, this new investment will almost double the sewing capability of the company and keep Multi Bookbinding in the leading position in Case Binding production.The main features of the machine are :
top sewing speed of 12 000 cycles/hour,staggered stitch, rotary Lap Opener, bible Paper Kit andGigaLynx Dual Control helping to identify sequence errors by reading barcodes and images from inside and outside the transport saddle. 
 Multi Bookbinding for over thirty years has  done  perfect binding, case binding, Wire-O and  ring binders. They also offer services such as folding, stamping, Smyth sewing and laminating with various finishes. Multi Bookbinding's 62,000 square-foot facility equipped with high-performance machinery supported by an integrated ERP system and a team of 65 experts. 
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