9 January 2019
Xerox Reorganizes World Wide
Xerox after failed Fuji merger , than layoffs now restructuring
Xerox after failed Fuji merger , than layoffs now restructuring
 Following Xerox’s announcement last year of 900 layoffs worldwide. It has been reported that Pete Peterson, president of the Xerox Channels group, has left Xerox, and that several other leadership positions have been reorganized. In December , Xerox realigned its leadership into two groups: the Americas Operations and EMEA (Europe, Middle- East, Africa ). Xerox CEO John Visentin is said “ This will create a simpler, flatter, more agile organization that will help empower our people and make it easier to speed decisions into action on behalf of our customers, as well as create ways to work more productively.”
Jeff Jacobson removed by Carl Icahn
Jeff Jacobson removed by Carl Icahn
Activist Xerox investor Carl Icahn – who  was instrumental in derailing the Xerox-Fujifilm deal – has long been critical of Xerox management. In December 2017, Icahn wrote in a letter to the Xerox board that Xerox “desperately needs new leadership.”  Icahn has also written that Xerox needs to become more streamlined and efficient, so that Xerox is easier to do business with. 
2. P. Kaivani says:
11 January 2019 at 11:26 AM
Xerox shareholders have lost 30 % of their investment because of Carl Icahn. Why is there no class action suit?
1. S Macdonald says:
10 January 2019 at 7:38 AM
The Document Company Xerox?? This is the logo from the 90's
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