28 February 2018
"True or False" Guide to Coated and Uncoated Paper
Paper True or False Book
Paper True or False Book
Sappi's new "True or False" booklet challenges the widespread belief that uncoated printing papers cost less than coated. This guide demonstrating a wide variety of special printing effects, ranging from soft touch coating, touchplates, and various gloss, textured, reticulating and sand varnishes on both coated and uncoated sheets.  "True or False" presents an actual side-by-side demonstration of the same image printed with the same press settings on Sappi McCoy Matte and Silk and two comparable uncoated grades, so readers can see the tactile and visual differences for themselves.
 "Some myths about coated and uncoated paper have been around so long that people accept them as fact, but not everything that people believe to be true is true," says Patti Groh, Director of Marketing Communications, Sappi North America. "A premium smooth uncoated sheet may cost as much as 170% more than a comparable coated sheet such as Sappi's McCoy.  When determining what paper to specify, we hope these actual side-by-side print demonstrations provide a useful and realistic guide to picking the right paper for maximum visual and tactile impact."
To learn more about coated printing papers and request a copy of "True or False", visit https://sappipops.com/true-false-book-order/.
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