16 August 2017
The Power of colour in Direct Mail
The power of colour report
The power of colour report
 The power of colour in communication Report. In this white paper, it looks at some industry statistics and discusses some of the best practices for using colour effectively. It also look at some of the economics of using colour, and how it can impact your customers’ decisions on whether or not to print in colour.What impact does colour have on response rates? How can colour be used such that its impact is maximized? How can the power of colour be communicated to print customers?
Richard Romano author of report
Richard Romano author of report
Studies have found that colour in combination with other elements is even more powerful than colour alone. A landmark study conducted in 2010 by RIT’s Frank Romano and David Broudy gauged the effects of three variables—colour, simple personalization (adding the recipient’s name), and personalized database information—on the response rate of a direct mail campaign. They used five separate mailings that featured these three elements in isolation and in various combinations.
e have seen that adding colour to print can boost response rates, as well as yield a host of additional benefits. The trick is to use colour intelligently, paying attention to best practices and the principles of good design. It is also important to understand that colour doesn’t exist in a vacuum; when combined with personalization as well as other advanced variable-data and database printing, the results are even more dramatic.
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