8 March 2016
Di-Cut Industries reportedly announces bankruptcy
SCARBOROUGH, ON—PrintCAN has received a tip that Di-Cut Industries Limited, announced its bankruptcy to its employees on February 11, 2016, with an auction of its equipment set for March 17, 2016 at 10:30 am.


Infinity Assets will hold the public auction. The flyer, listing the equipment available for purchase can be viewed here.

The Scarborough-based Di-Cut Industries has been a provider of quality finishing and promotional tools for over 40 years. Calls to the company were not successful. Di-Cut’s mailbox is full and it’s voicemail message dates back to Christmas 2015, and states that the employees would be back in office in January 2016.
6. B.cox says:
20 October 2016 at 3:43 PM
I used to Work for them as a Maintenance Manager way back in early 2000's. I can say they should have stuck solely to themselves without merging another company. Unforunetly The Uchikuras are an excellent Family and should not be included with the poor Management comment. Perhaps just a poor decision.
5. Geraldo says:
1 April 2016 at 1:43 PM
This is a perfect example of what happens to a successful company that has an owner that doesn't want to be in the business. They hire unqualified people to run the company into the ground. This was an extremely profitable company, and the management decided to sell jobs for less than the job cost to do.
4. Inside says:
1 April 2016 at 11:40 AM
Rumor they brought in some new eye's and turned out they were blind. No offence to meant to the blind. They see better than that Management team.
3. Did Not Start In A Trade Shop says:
21 March 2016 at 7:40 AM
rumor is poor management team. Think of the management of the toronto maple leafs - it was that bad.
2. Had An Interivew There says:
18 March 2016 at 3:42 PM
No it was new management that drove that place to the ground.
1. Started In A Trade Shop says:
14 March 2016 at 6:58 PM
Wow! Are things getting that bad for the industry. These guys looked like a first class operation. Just curious what went wrong.
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