15 July 2015
Canada Post aims to Break Through the Noise with its latest direct mail study
According to Canada Posts’ research, the average consumer's attention span is only eight seconds—not a lot of time for brands to get and hold the attention of a potential customer. Canada Post aims to tackle this issue with its whitepaper, Breaking Through the Noise. In partnership with market research consultancy Phase 5, the study explores how physical and digital mail factor into the lives of consumers. It also examines how the visibility, longevity and overall impact of each channel compares to the other.

Here are a few standout statistics from the study:
  • Consumers are more likely to open, enjoy and read mail, (53%) more than other forms of advertising like in emails (26%). According to the research, it’s less intrusive and more memorable.
  • 74% consumers always or sometimes notice advertising in direct mail.
  • 81% read their mail the same day they receive it.
  • 85% will open mail if it looks interesting.
  • Consumers are more likely to associate feelings of happiness, excitement and surprise with physical advertisements, while digital ads are more often experienced as distracting, disruptive and intrusive.
  • 62% rate catalogues and flyers the most effective media for advertising messages.
  • 51% prefer companies to use a combination of mail and email when communicating with them.
  • 74% prefer print among multi flyer users.
  • Direct mail is displayed, such as catalogues in the living room, promotional mail on the fridge or by the couch, restaurant menus in kitchen drawers.

Download Breaking Through The Noise here at the Canada post website.

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