4 December 2013
APP: The life of trees in pics
HAINAN, CHINA—PrintCAN recently traveled to China with Asia Pulp and Paper to visit one of its paper board mills and a eucalyptus plantation in the southern province of Hainan.

Much of the pulp APP currently uses in its mills comes from about 300,000 hectares of plantation the company manages in China, a program established in 1995.

A flourish of moss-like plants is weeded down to a few seedlings over a period of about 45 days in indoor and outdoor greenhouses

Though poplar and acacia are also grown, eucalyptus is the most ubiquitous tree in the plantation program. It’s not native to China but has been adopted because it’s non-invasive—once cut the tree is gone—and it’s a fast grower reaching a mature height of about 20 metres in about 6 years.

A fuller in-depth report will appear in the next issue of Graphic Monthly, but for now, here’s a pictorial of the life of a plantation.

Eucalyptus trees begin life in a commercial nursery. The one in Hainan measures 70 hectares. A seedling begins as tree tissue that is inserted into a sterilized jar that contains a growth medium.

Racks of jars each with several seedlings in the indoor greenhouse.

Each seedling is transplanted to its own housing with a soil-like medium, where it grows to 25 cm. After 25 days, it’s ready to be moved to a plantation site. Above, Wending Huang, who leads the sustainability, R&D, and technology efforts of APP China, holds a plant that’s ready to move outdoors.

A plantation on Hainan that’s about two years old. APP says it plants between 5 to 10 million seedlings per year.

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