3 February 2012
Industry blog calls for 'open marriage' with print
TORONTO—The Dead Tree Edition — a blog that provides analysis "and smart-aleck comments" related to the production of publications in the U.S. — is suggesting an open marriage with print.

The Jan. 26 post entitled Dear Print, We Print Buyers Now Want an Open Marriage was written as a rebuttal of sorts — according to a post on WhatTheyThink.com — to an article about the rapid market climb of e-reading, citing a report from the Book Industry Study Group.

"Don’t get us wrong, Print. We still love you. We might look at web pages and tablets, but there’s nothing like holding you in our hands," reads the Jan. 26 entry on Dead Tree. "It’s just that you alone can no longer fulfill all of our career needs. We can’t merely flirt with other media; we need the freedom to get fully involved with them."

In an earlier post on Dead Tree, paper industry forecaster Roman Hohol stated, “I believe that most [paper] industry forecasts underestimate the impact of digital media on graphic paper demand, not wanting to appear too negative to their clients."

Dead Tree said Margie Dana, founder of Print Buyers International and "the godmother of print buyers everywhere", has encouraged using other media in addition to print. "See, even our godmother says a ménage a trois with other media is OK," reads the latest Dead Tree post. "So while our bosses may hate you, especially your costs and long timelines, they love what we’ve learned from you. And we’ll keep trying to show everyone how sexy and up to date you are by slipping in QR codes and other gimmicks."

Hohol wasn't completely negative on the future of print — “Print media is not going to disappear in the coming decade; but it will become less relevant and more expensive.”
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