4 April 2011
Canopy identifies environmental leaders in print industry
VANCOUVER—Environmental watchdog Canopy has released a new printer leadership list, to help printers identify best practices in implementing an environmental paper policy.
The list contains the names of 25 print shops across the country that
have ancient forest friendly paper procurement policies. Names include Dollco, Transcontinental, Webcom, St. Joseph Printing, and Hemlock, to name a few. It also includes profiles of the efforts employed by the printers.
“The actions of leading printers go far beyond obtaining certification or using minimum amounts of recycled paper,” said Neva Murtha, Canopy head. “What this list shows us, is that a meaningful and rigorous eco-paper policy is just the first step.”
Other measures may include lending voices to forest conservation in North America, supporting landmark conservation initiatives, and offering press time to agricultural residue paper trials.
Canopy has opted for a carrot approach to conservation that may  prove more effective than the traditional stick of pollution controls and heavy fines. By creating a list of leaders in environmental responsibility, the agency hopes to spur competition among those not on the list.
Click here to see who made the cut or if you'd like to be added to the list.
— Tom Czerniawski
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