23 April 2010
Taylor Printing Group switches to Bullfrog Power
FREDERICTON—The Taylor Printing Group Inc. has made the switch to Bullfrog Power, a company which injects renewable energy into the regional grid to match the amount used by the company. Bullfrog sources its energy from wind farms and low-impact hydro facilities in Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick.

Taylor Printing Group new business development Scott Williams says the choice to move to Bullfrog follows the company commitment to being environmentally conscious. “We have been open for five years and it is a commitment we made at the beginning,” he says. “We replaced all of our pre-press equipment a couple of years ago to go with a chemical free process. Obviously it wasn’t something that we had to do for an equipment side by we felt environmentally it was the right thing to do.”

Williams says although they are paying a premium for switching to Bullfrog they won’t be passing the added costs on to clients because to them it is a cost of doing business. He says client response to the decision has been very positive. “We have had a couple of clients over the past few days say that our using Bullfrog power is the reason they’re working with us,” he says.

Talyor Printing may be stringent on its own environmental practices, but it doesn’t require clients to be as strict. “We like to talk to clients about the quantity they are ordering,” says Williams. “Even though it might cost a few dollars at the end of the order we don’t want to see a whole bunch of boxes of brochures sitting around wasted.”

— Val Maloney
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