8 September 2009
Thuro-Web rebuilds
DURHAM,ON—Thuro-Web, the print shop devastated by a Tornado last month, is in the process of re-building. Rod Piercey, plant manager, told PrintCan that reconstruction has begun, and a shell for the building is  expected by the end of September, with a fully reconstructed site, in about two months.  The shop's two web presses, a Web Leader and a Ventura press, were left in place, protected in shrinkwrapping, while the building is erected around them. Once a roof is installed, the cleaning process for the equipment can start.

The construction site of Thuro-Web about three weeks after the tornado destroyed the facility. Two web presses are under the white shrinkwrapping

Piercey was in the building at the time the tornado hit. He describes the experience as “Pretty incredible. The air pressure changed, people started screaming and running to another room. Then the whole building started to shake like crazy. The roof came off and insulation fell down and covered everything.” He says staff in the press room got in between the units of the web presses, in behind the press and around the folder. Amazingly, no-one was seriously hurt, said Piercey.

Thuro-Web is a 20-year-old shop with 30 employees.


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