5 May 2009
New PrintCan reader comment policy
MISSISSAUGA, ON—With the re-launch of PrintCan in February, we introduced a new reader comment function to make the site more interactive. Readers may comment on any news story they read on PrintCan, in keeping with web practice at leading news sites. Many readers are doing so and we hope you enjoy this new service.

Today we have introduced a new Comment Policy that offers guidelines on the type of comments we encourage, and the type we discourage. There is a link to the policy on the bottom of every PrintCan page, but we've republished it here:

PrintCan.com is proud to offer readers the opportunity to comment on all news stories. PrintCan is also committed to standard journalistic practices and this extends to what readers are and are not permitted to say. Therefore, all those wishing to comment on future articles are advised to read and follow these guidelines for posting on PrintCan:

1. Comments deemed libelous will not be published.
2. Comments that forego proper grammar, spelling and punctuation will not be published. (The editor will fix minor typos/errors.)
3. Personal attacks will not be published.
4. Only constructive criticism of work or business practices is acceptable.
5. Comments that stray too far off-topic may not be published.
6. Racist, sexist, homophobic or otherwise hateful comments will not be published.
7. Anonymous comments are acceptable, but readers are encouraged to use their full name, or, barring that, a consistent moniker.
8. Comments may be edited, and comment threads may be closed at any time.
9. PrintCan at all times reserves the right to publish or not publish comments.

We appreciate and read all your comments; please keep sending them.
—The Editors
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Most Recent News Comment
Paul Kett says:
Yeah no kidding. Not everything we do is conducive to poking around on our cell phones. Nothing like...
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