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PrintCAN Express, a free weekly e-mail bulletin of the week’s top stories, is sent to 11,250+ e-mail contacts in our database, including names drawn from Graphic Monthly Canada, Print World trade show, PrintCAN, and the Estimators’ and Buyers’ Guide (Ontario and Western editions). Contacts are updated weekly .

Sponsorships for PrintCAN Express consist of Big Box banners, Full Banners, Mini banners + Text Ads.

Perfect for time-sensitive promotions such as seminars, open houses and contests.

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Ad Type
W x D
1-2 issues
3-5 issues 
6 or more
Big Box
300 x 250
Full Banner
350 x 60
Standard banner
220 x 90
Mini banner
110 x 90

For sponsoring the PrintCAN Express e-mail bulletin contact Sandy Donald at 905-625-7070 ext. 230

PrintCAN Express Circulation and Open Rates:
Weekly e-Bullein circulation: 10,241
Total Views: 1,995
Open rate: 20%
Total Clicks: 430
Branding/ product awareness
Driving traffic to web site
Lead generation
Improving search engine rankings
Online display banners ads
Online directory advertising
PrintCAN Express e-bulletin advertising
E-blast (list rental)
Total Job Board Listings: 3
New This Week: 0
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Total Used Equipment Listings: 21
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Company for sale
Company wanted
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