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Aug 18, 2009
China takes the lead in worldwide paper production [subscription needed], a website dedicated to tracking the paper production industry in China, reports that the country has become the number-one paper producer in the world. Here is the full story:

In China Paper Sustainable Forum 2009 held in Suzhou on June 18, it was reported that China has become number one country in paper production, outnumbering the US. According to Zhao Wei, Secretary General of China Paper Association, China produced 79.8 million mts of paper and paperboard in 2008. Based on latest data, USA produced 79.6 million mts of paper and paperboard in 2008, dropping 4.3% from 2007. 

Chief Economist of China Information Center noted that in 2008 the industrial value posted by Chinese paper sector accounted for 1.5% in GDP to RMB 457.1 billion, which was a big boost to down stream industries.

All participants who delivered speeches in the forum held that there was still severe pollution and high water consumption in the sector. In developed countries, the proportion of pup was mainly composed of wood pulp and waste paper with straw and reed pulp taking only 3.4%. In China, straw and reed pulp took 22% in total raw materials. Too much straw and reed pulp content would cause more pollution and consume more water. Primary cause of pollution was caused by small paper mills that use large volume of straw pulp in paper making. It was learnt China was at forefront in COD emission in the world. The control of COD emission in paper sector has become a crucial point in the national endeavor.

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