20 June 2018
Fujifilm suing Xerox for over $1 Billion
The on again off again deal
The on again off again deal
The increasingly messy dispute between Fujifilm and Xerox has just gotten really bad. With Fujifilm launching a $1 billion lawsuit against Xerox for the abandon $6.1 billion merger agreed to in January. Fujifilm is also seeking a termination fee of $183 million  if the deal does not go through .
Fujifilm claims that  Xerox decision to terminate the merger is with out "legitimate cause".
Xerox future still unkown
Xerox future still unknown
 Xerox share holders Carl Icahn and Darwin Deason who control 15% of the company blocked the merger by getting a temporary injunction in April and then talking the Xerox board to back out of the deal. The two shareholders have Xerox looking at other strategic options including selling the company off to others buyers. This lawsuit may force Xerox to deal with Fujifilm before any other buyers will get involved. 
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George says:
This is Karma!!! First they under cut the market trying to take over by charging far below whats rea...
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