31 January 2018
Trumps State of the Uniom Tickets go Viral
Are printers part of The Resistance ?
Are printers part of The Resistance ?
CNN reported that a typo was made on the tickets for Trump's State of The Union address. Instead of the words "State of the Union" it was printed "State of the Uniom". The tickets were printed by the Office of the Sergeant of Arms. How many got out no one is saying. Social media picked up on it and it went viral .The late night talk show circuit picked up on it.
Inauguration Post had Typos also
Inauguration Poster had Typos also
Some said they were not surprised by the misprint and that it summed up Donald Trump's administration. Huffington Post reporter Mark Fuller wondered if it was some printer was part of the "resistance". There were also typos in the posters for Trumps inauguration . It appears people do still read what is printed.
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