22 March 2017
Paul Kett to run Printer Gateway
 Paul Kett has taken over as General Manager of Printer Gateway. An industry veteran with extensive experience in running printing operations. He has worked at Hallmark Cards, Eddy Match and Mi5.
He is well experienced in the trade gang run market. Most recently he was General Manager of  4 Over's  Canadian operation in Mississauga for three and a half years. " I relish the opportunity to leverage my experience and passion for the industry to take Printer Gateway to the next level." said Mr. Kett.
   Printer Gateway is one of Canada's largest and nationally recognizes gang run trade printers. They sell only trade  to printers, brokers and designers across Canada. They use a web-to-print portal which  is open 24 hours a day. They run offset, digital and wide format equipment and ship across the country.Running 24 hours a day they offer quick turn around and at very competitive prices.
1. Paul Kett says:
25 March 2017 at 11:46 AM
Looking forward to improving the quality and turnaround time to help our clients' grow their business and make money! Also we are Canadian owned so your money stays in Canada instead of going south.
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