15 February 2017
E-book sales fall by 13% in 2015
Gutenberg Bible the first printed book
Gutenberg Bible the first printed book
Sales of e-books by publishers have fallen by 13% in 2015 vs 2014 according to Nielsen's. The peak of the e-book sales was in 2013. Printed book sales have raisen during the same period. E-book sale have dropped from 27% of the market to 24% of the market. Self published e-book sales have grown from 8% of the e-book market to 12% according to Nielsen's.
   Originally it was predicted that e-book sale would by pass printed book sales in 2015. There are signs that e-book readers are returning to printed books. Some surveys indicate that even young readers who have grown up on digital devices still prefer printed books. The American Book Sellers Association said there membership has grown from 1410 locations in 2010 to 2227 locations in 2015. Print appears to be alive and well in book stores.
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